Blair White Released by Indianapolis Colts: Fan's Reaction

The Indianapolis Colts have cut another veteran player! Fans can relax this time. The announcement came on April 13 that wide receiver Blair White was waived by the team.

This move is somewhat of a surprise because of the teams severe lack of depth at the wide receiver position. White was one of very few players on the roster who had actual game experience in the NFL. White played quite a bit during his rookie season in 2010 when filling in for an injured Austin Collie. Fans shouldn’t get too worked up over the release of White. While he is one of the few experienced relievers on the roster, he simply wasn’t a quality player. I didn’t see how he fit with the new coaching staff. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians prefers players with speed and White was one of the slowest in the league at his position. He can easily be replaced with a younger rookie in the upcoming draft.

This move ensures that the team is going to use at least one or two high draft picks on wide receivers. Indianapolis will select their future quarterback in the first round and then should look to add weapons for that quarterback shortly after. I think that it’s an almost certainty that either a second or third round pick will be used on a receiver. I recently wrote about five options the team could consider at the wide receiver position. Each of these players would be a major upgrade over the departed Blair White.

I was surprised to see many fans reacting to the release of Blair White. I suppose the reactions come from the release of yet another familiar player that had been with the team during times of success. In the end, this loss will not affect the team and may even make them better moving forward. This presents yet another reason for fans to look forward to the upcoming NFL draft from April 26-28.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. He runs a blog about the team at . Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.


Should the Indianapolis Colts Resign Reggie Wayne? Fan's Take

Will ? That remains to be seen as the teams offseason makeover continues. Reggie Wayne is an unrestricted free agent and would like to return to Indianapolis to finish his career. Wayne will be one of the biggest questions facing the team this offseason. Fans want him back, but will the team be willing to spend what it will take to retain him?

Wayne still had a good season in 2011 despite the absence of and . These are two of Indianapolis’ rivals that have been rumored to have interest in Wayne. If he were to hit the open market, I don’t know any team that wouldn’t want one of the most reliable veteran wide receivers in the game. Indianapolis fans can hold out hope that they can figure out some way to retain Wayne for 2012.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. He runs a blog about the team at . Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.


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More Firings, More Changes Coming to Indianapolis Colts Organization: Fan's Take

The are sure shaking things up this offseason. They started things off by firing front office members Bill and Chris Polian. Shortly after that they hired a new general manager in Ryan Grigson from the . The next move was to fire head coach Jim Caldwell. This move was largely speculated but took longer than expected to take place.

Now it appears as if even more moves are happening in the organization. These changes come the day after Caldwell’s firing where Jim Irsay and Grigson said they will evaluate everyone. Two of the teams and let go. On January 18, Indianapolis fired offensive line coach Pete Metezelaars and wide receivers coach Frank Reich. I’m getting the feeling these will not be last firings made inside the organization.

News is also coming out that Indianapolis’ defensive back coach Alvin Williams will of the . Minnesota head coach Leslie Frazier has ties to Tony Dungy and formed Colt coaches.

On top of all this, the team fired defensive coordinator Larry Coyer midseason and also fired special teams coach Ray Rychelski after the season ended. The only coaches remaining with the team at the moment are offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen, linebackers coach and interim defensive coordinator Mike Murphy, quarterbacks coach Ron Turner, and defensive line coach John Teerlink.

Whoever Indianapolis bring in as their head coach, that coach is going to need to assemble a full staff around them. This makes the decision even more important and one that will have a big impact on the franchise from the next decade.

To make matters worse for Colt fans, longtime center and free agent this offseason. Saturday would leave a big hole on the offensive line and is coming off a good season. If to start publishing your own sports content.