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Although the Indianapolis Colts were officially founded in 1953 in Baltimore, they have roots much further back in American football, beginning in 1913 with the Dayton Triangles. While in Baltimore, the Colts managed three NFL Championships and two Super Bowls. Since moving in 1984, the team has won one Super Bowl, two Conference Championships, and ten Division Championships. They have a total of 24 playoff appearances, 14 of which have been since the team moved to Indianapolis.

The Colts’ move from Baltimore to Indianapolis was one full of legal disputes and emotion. After years of fighting with Baltimore to get updated facilities, the Colts owner became firmly convinced that the team would not ever get a new stadium in that town. Officials went so far as to place an amendment in the city charter prohibiting the building of new stadiums. Several times it seemed as if renovations and improvements for the old stadium would be approved and each time the deal was found undesirable by one of the parties, causing it to fall through.

Eventually, the owner began earnest negotiations to move the team somewhere more supportive. The NFL granted the team permission to move, causing the Maryland legislature to sign a bill giving Baltimore the right of eminent domain over the team. Two days later, the team was moved in the middle of the night using fifteen Mayflower Transit trucks, all taking different routes. To this day, when the team plays games in Baltimore, against the Ravens, they are not referred to by their name, but rather as “Indy” or the “Indianapolis professional football team.”

In 2008, the Lucas Oil Stadium replaced the RCA Dome as the home of the Indianapolis Colts. The new stadium seats 63,000 for football games, and cost approximately 720 million dollars to build. The stadium boasts a retractable roof that is open for games unless the weather is poor. The interior of the stadium is not waterproof, requiring that the roof stay closed during inclement weather to keep from flooding the field and destroying the electronics. There is also a retractable glass wall at one end of the stadium that serves as a gate and is the largest of its size in the league.

Off the field, the Indianapolis Colts are heavily involved in their community, giving back as much as they can to the fans who have given them so much. Programs include the All Pro Dads, which promotes building strong relationship between fathers and their children, the Basket of Hope which gives gifts and inspiration to children diagnosed with cancer, and the Bleed Blue Blood Drive. Other programs that are supported by the team are focused on helping children learn to live healthy and productive lives by encouraging active lifestyles and educational excellence.

The Indianapolis Colts have had a long and interesting past. Despite their difficulties, they have managed to consistently play a good game of football, entertaining fans of all ages and becoming a contender to watch for each season.

Peyton Manning vs. Andrew Luck: why the Indianapolis Colts can’t have both

Another Sunday without for the means that the most difficult decision in the team’s history is only getting tougher.

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As everyone knows, the club will have to make one of the more intriguing personnel choices in history by next spring.

Can Manning – almost certainly one of the top five quarterbacks ever to play football, and the man who is the face of the franchise – recover from the offseason neck surgery that is threatening his career? Or do the Colts have to cut him, freeing up his massive $18-million-a-year salary, and draft the player than many experts say is the most sure-fire quarterback star in a generation, ?

The news this week is that Manning began throwing the football again, an obvious and crucial step in his recovery. But unless he can fully participate in practice – or, better, play in a game – the Colts will approach March without all the information it would like for a decision of such magnitude.

As a result, there is a school of thought, endorsed by the Colts’ general manager, that the Colts maybe should take the safe road: keep Manning and draft Luck.

But it’s hard to see how that makes much sense.

One of the things the Colts’ 0-13 record shows is that the team is already running on very thin margins. With the NFL’s hard salary-cap, teams will inevitably be flawed – they don’t have enough money to pay exceptional players at each position. Therefore, teams must mask weaknesses as best they can, and Manning is doubtless the best weakness-masker in the league.

If the Colts were to draft Luck, he – and his multimillion-dollar salary – would be sitting on the bench, doing the Colts no good for as long as Manning was the starter. It’s clear that Manning already had enough weaknesses to mask before his injury. Taking millions of dollars off the table to pay Luck (not to play) means depriving the team of crucial money to address glaring gaps that need to be filled if Manning is going to have any chance of winning another .  

And isn’t that the point? Why bring back Manning unless making a commitment to give him a better team that can be championship-worthy?

It also makes no sense for Luck. He’s clearly good enough to play pro football now. He was already considered pro-ready last year. If he came to a team with Manning, he would either be the No. 2 with no hope of playing, or the quarterback of a team that is paying $20 million a year to his backup.   

Manning’s father, Archie, actually counseled his other football-playing son, Eli, to avoid exactly this situation. When Eli was drafted by the , the Chargers already had an established No. 1 quarterback, . So Eli refused to sign for the Chargers, who ended up trading him to the , where he has helped the team with a Super Bowl.

It’s hard to see why Luck, a family friend of the Mannings, would think any differently. 

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Top Indianapolis Colts Winning Plays (Videos): Fan’s Take

Looking for videos of the best plays, important wins, and the best game ever? When your team is on a major , it is important to go back and look at the good moments that made you swear your allegiance to them. Thankfully, the internet is full of opportunities for finding the best parts of Colts’ games from the past two years.

Colts important wins compilation articles are abundant

There are plenty of extensive articles about the past from Indianapolis Colts’ chronicler, Blue Bloods, on or . There is also plenty written analysis from fans on subjects like the and the . Despite this, there are only a few videos that do the subject justice.

Colts best plays last year videos

Despite their recent downhill slide, the Colts are still making a proud presence for their moves on the field. For example, John Madden has included the team in his of the 2011 to 2012 season of the NFL. Naturally, as the winner of last year’s Super Bowl, there will be a lot of features on this team right now—regardless of how many games they win this year.

On top of that attention, Madden may be saying several holiday sales-related prayers for the Colts since there is a Madden NFL 11 on the market that features the Colts versus the . In the meantime, to sneak a peak at last year’s glory days, NFL Total Access has some of the of the 2009-2010 season for the Colts in a free online video.

Colts’ best game ever

With four Super Bowl rings and five MVPs combined, the November 21, 2010 game between the Colts and the Patriots rocked NFL record keeping. With a combination of top players that was reported by CBS newscasters as “only been seen a few other times in the history of football”, this game was definitely one of the top to re-watches over the past year for many fans. To see what many describe as the best Colts game ever, watch the from the game.

The best game the Colts ever lost

Called one of the “” of all times, in 2010, the final play of the Steelers versus Colts game was a loss for Indianapolis. Despite this, it is also strangely considered one of their most miraculous games. Are we currently watching history repeating from this 1995 AFC Championship? For now, focus on the upside during this difficult 2011/2012 Colts season by watching videos from the good times and keep your fingers crossed.

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