Could Indianapolis Colts Convert to a 3-4 Defense? a Fan's Take

The are continuing their offseason makeover with a new coach and possibly a new defensive scheme. Head coach Chuck Pagano could certainly look to change Indianapolis over to a 3-4 defensive look after years of playing the Cover-2.

Will the Colts go to a 3-4 Defense?

This is a big change but one that should be welcomed by Colt fans everywhere. Indianapolis has long had quality players but never really excelled on defense. I have a feeling that is about to change with coach Chuck Pagano leading the team. Pagano and new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky have and are likely to bring that scheme to Indianapolis.


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Keith Butler Turns Down Opportunity To Interview For Indianapolis Colts Defensive Coordinator Position

The as they look to add to new coach Chuck Pagano’s staff, but the planned interviewee has apparently turned them down. linebacker coach Keith Butler will instead remain in Pennsylvania.

Butler was expected to be in Indianapolis on Tuesday, but changed his mind after meeting Monday with Steelers’ team president Art Rooney II and Coach Mike Tomlin, .

Butler was told after the 2009 season he will be the team’s defensive coordinator when Dick LeBeau retires — a handshake agreement that was made when he turned down the offer to become their defensive coordinator. It is not known what was said at today’s meeting, but Butler was likely given a stronger indication — not to mention a hefty new contract — about when he might replace LeBeau, who is 74.

The Colts will have to now look elsewhere for a new defensive coordinator. If Butler would have agreed to the deal, however, it would have made for a pair of former Steelers coaches moving to Indy as the last week.

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Chuck Pagano a Good Choice for Indianapolis Colts: Fan Opinion

With by the that former defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano has been hired as Indy’s new head coach, Colts fans are expressing some mixed feelings about the move.

I’m pretty darned excited about it.

More Experience Than You Might Think

One of the concerns I’ve seen expressed in a variety of places is that Pagano has no head coaching experience. I see where that would be a concern, especially since the Colts are in tear-down mode right now.

Pagano, however, is nowhere near new to coaching. He spent 18 years in the college ranks and has held a number of coaching positions in the NFL, spending a total of 10 years with the , the , and the Ravens. The Ravens organization does a great job of listing . The short version: he has been successful for years and in multiple locations.

That’s also 10 more years of NFL experience than Jim Tressel has, for those Colts fans who are upset that the Sweater Vest won’t be patrolling the sidelines in 2012. Tressel is, indeed, a winner in college football, but so is Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Barry Switzer, Bobby Petrino, Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis, Mike Riley, Rich Brooks … Shall I continue?

From the Mouths of Players

The most important quality of a head coach, in my opinion, is his ability to lead, regardless of his resume. Pagano certainly gets a ringing endorsement from his Baltimore players.

, after the Ravens obliterated the to open the 2011 season, linebacker head coach Rex Ryan] are very fiery, and I think (there are) a lot of similarities because both are ‘player’ coaches,” said Ravens linebacker about Pagano, too.

It’s certainly hard to argue with the first-hand experiences of players of this caliber who are part of one of the best defenses in the league.

Our guys are excited about him, too. When about what he thought of Pagano being hired as head coach, defensive end is that Manning is done playing for the Colts. Manning or no Manning, these Indianapolis Colts are going to look very different in 2012. Fans need to be patient and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is a process, not a magic fix.

With Grigson—and now Pagano—in place, though, Colts fans should feel a lot of hope for the future.

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