Despite NFL lockout, Colts work to gets fans ready for season

Lockout or no lockout, the Indianapolis Colts are getting ready for the season. The team is preparing to kick off its annual “Make It Personal” tour. The first stop is in Avon, on Wednesday, June 1st at 5 p.m. at the AAA office on U.S. 36.

On hand will be a Colts player or alumni and cheerleader. Fans can draw for a chance at pre-season tickets. You can also donate blood through the “Bleed Blue Blood Drive.”

for more information on the Colts “Make It Personal” tour, including dates, times and locations.

Indianapolis Colts Malori Wampler: Was Cheerleader Canned for Body Paint Photos?


Indianapolis Colts Malori Wampler Was Fired for Photos Deemed To Risque

If the Colts are trying to run a Disneyland type of environment, they should nix the entirety of the cheer-leading squad.

In a possible case of hypocrisy, the Colts have fired a cheerleader for having risque photos float around the Internet.

A report from reports Malori Wampler is suing the Colts for wrongful termination. She alleges the team dismissed her for risque photos of her in body paint. A fan caught wind and sent the

pictures in.

The photos of Malori Wampler were taken when she worked with Playboy. She did not pose nude, and the photos are described as having her privates covered.

Wampler is suing the team for making a decision that she feels was based on race. Wampler is Indonesian. She states that other white cheerleaders have posed for much sexier pictures without being fired.

If these pictures are indeed as benign as she says they are, she has a case. I have to think there is something else at work here. Perhaps Wampler is not letting on. Maybe the team has a specific beef with her.

But sexy photos that don’t contain nudity should never get a cheerleader fired. These are women that are paid the bare minimum to flaunt their bodies for the masses. The teams releases sexy calendars and photos just to sell the team brand.

If the photos can’t be at the heart of the firing. There is something fishy going on here, and I want to see these sexy photos.

Most recent updates:

Ex-cheerleader sues Indianapolis Colts after firing her for Playboy pics

Malori Wampler, 27, told the ‘Indianapolis Star’ that she was canned in November after a fan sent the organization pictures of her wearing nothing but a painted-on bikini.

Wampler, however, has claimed that it was not the questionable photos that had her out of the job.

Wampler, who is Indonesian, claimed in the suit she was fired because of her race. According to pictures posted on the Colts’ website, all of the other cheerleaders appear to be Caucasian.

“For me, it’s standing up for myself,” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying in an interview with WTHR-TV.

Her attorney claimed that her appearance in Playboy did not violate the team’s policy, which forbade them from committing ‘any act that will or may create notoriety’ – especially since Wampler claimed that the organization knew that she had posed for ‘Playboy’ when she was hired.