Peyton Manning's Five Biggest Losses of His Indianapolis Colts' Career: Fan's Take

Peyton Manning had great success with the Indianapolis Colts. He also lost several big games. After signing recently with the Denver Broncos, Colts’ fans are stuck looking back at the past with Manning. Listed below are the five biggest losses of Manning’s career in Indianapolis.

Super Bowl XLIV vs. Saints

Needless to say, the Super Bowl loss is the biggest loss of Manning’s career. Indianapolis was the favorite in the game and lost to the New Orleans Saints. and a touchdown. Sadly, everyone will remember the interception Manning threw that led to the loss in the game.

2005 Playoffs vs. Steelers

The 2005 team may have been the best one Indianapolis ever had. They finished the regular season 14-2 and were playing excellent football. They entered this game rusty and fell behind early. The team was down 21-3 before a fourth quarter rally. in the loss. This game will most commonly be remembered for kicker Mike Vanderjagt missing a late game field goal as badly as any kicker could possibly miss a kick.

2004 Playoffs vs. Patriots

Manning in the playoffs once again. In a 20-3 loss, Manning failed to throw a touchdown and had just one interception. At this point, it appeared as if Indianapolis simply could not get by New England in the playoffs.

2003 Playoffs vs. Patriots

In the AFC Championship game, Indianapolis lost 24-14 to the New England Patriots after Manning played one of his worst games. Peyton completed just 23 out of 47 passes and had four interceptions in the game. His long time nemesis, Ty Law, and prevented Indianapolis from making their first Super Bowl of the Peyton Manning era.

2010 Playoffs vs. Jets

I list this one because it will go down as Manning’s final game with the Colts. The last image fans will remember is Manning looking shocked at the inadequate coaching of Jim Caldwell as he positioned the Jet offense to win the game in the final minute. Indianapolis lost 17-16 but and one touchdown.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. He also runs the blog that covers the team. Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.

NFL Wildcard Playoff Final Recap: NY Jets Won Over Indianapolis Colts

Published: January 9, 2011


NFL Wildcard Playoff Final Recap: NY Jets Won Over Indianapolis Colts thumbnail

New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts Live Stream Wildcard NFL Playoff on ESPN3 – The highly anticipated match of the Wildcard NFL Playoff will take place live here at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. This will be a match between two toughest teams in the league that will battle for the AFC position in the AFC division match-up. This is an important elimination match that all of the fans are waiting to witness. We are more and more excited as we draws near to the Superbowl XLV.

New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts NFL Wildcard Playoff will be a crucial match for these two teams that are continuously fighting to capture the post in the upcoming Superbowl. Both teams made it to the double digit record in making through the playoff. The Jets are now with a record of eleven wins against five losses while the Indianapolis Colts are down one game with ten wins to six losses.

This will be a big rematch for the Jets as they will be facing their postseason division nemesis tonight. After defeating San Diego and Cincinnati in the Wildcard during the 2010 NFL playoff the Jets took on the challenge of a division powerhouse, Indianapolis Colts. The Colts managed to defeat the Jets last year with a score of 30-17. The Colts move to the Superbowl but was later defeated by the New Orleans Saints.

The Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez is excited for the rematch and was later quoted as saying “It’s a great matchup for us, it really is, we beat them once (during the regular season) last year, they beat us when it really counted and that’s hard. That’s a tough feeling, going home after a playoff game, all the way to the AFC Championship Game, having the lead at halftime and then coming up short. This is a different team, very similar on their defense.”

Colts will be entering the playoff for their nine straight and currently ties a record set by the Dallas Cowboys before. The Colts are averaging 30 points per game which is a bit small compared to other teams with this caliber.

The Colts have the slight advantage over the Jets in terms of their offensive statistics. The Colts are making 380.8 yards of pure offense in contrast to the Jets’ 351 yards per game. The same story goes to the passing as the Colts are making 288.1 yards per game against Jets’ 202.6 yards per game. We will see in a short while which team has what it takes to qualify for the division.

(Final Updates)

It was a low scoring game for both teams due to sheer defense brought by these two tough teams. We didn’t see any score on the first quarter of the match as these two defensive teams showed that they will not allow each other to score. The Colts made the first score on the 2nd quarter and put up a 7 points lead against NY Jets’ nil. Third quarter was all Jets as the latter managed to score 7 points while limiting the Colts to just 3. The fourth quarter was all that they Jets need to secure the division playoff match. The Jets were down by 3 points at the last seconds of the game but with luck and talent Nick Folk sent shock to the Colts by making a 32 yards field goal.

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