The Indianapolis Colts Should Sign Linebacker Travis Laboy: Fan's Opinion

The Indianapolis Colts still have several holes to fill in their transition to a 3-4 defense. One of the biggest needs is at the outside linebacker position. The team needs players that know and are comfortable in the 3-4 scheme and can help the current players with the transition. One player who could fit that need is Travis Laboy who was released by the San Diego Chargers on May 7.

Laboy is far from a great player and wouldn’t deserve to be a starter on the roster. At this point, the team needs veterans to ease the transition and provide quality depth. If he’s willing to sign a minimum contract, Laboy would be able to fill in behind Freeney and Mathis and provide a solid rotational player for the team. Right now Indianapolis only has other players transitioning to the position behind Freeney and Mathis. Those players may or may not pan out and have a mixed chance of success.

One major factor that could make this move happen is Laboy’s familiarity with the system Indianapolis is trying to implement. Laboy played the last two seasons for new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky in both San Diego and San Francisco. I think this is a natural fit for the team and one they should jump to make. Andrew Luck will need time to develop and needs a strong defense around him. Travis Laboy isn’t a name that should excite fans by any means. This is the kind of signing that helps improve the team though. Veterans are needed and he could provide help to the players currently on the roster.

At this point in the summer, Indianapolis has a few needs left to fill out the roster. They should have a strong rookie class and could use one or two veterans on defense to improve the roster entering training camp. I think Travis Laboy would be a nice addition and is a signing that the team should make. The addition isn’t one that should get fans overly excited, but is one that could improve the team in 2012.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. He also runs the blog that covers the team. Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.


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