Super Bowl XLV: Comparing The Packers With The Colts

The 2010 season for the was undone mostly because of injuries. They listed 17 players on injured reserve, which didn’t include players like , who was never placed on IR even though he broke his forearm in Week 8. He never saw the field again in 2010.

However, the NFC Champion are playing today in Super Bowl XLV, and their injury situation is nearly identical to the Colts.

The Pack placed 15 players on IR in 2010, and if you follow tracking time missed by starters due to injury, the Colts starters missed 89 games in 2010, the most of any team. Meanwhile, the Packers starters missed 83, second most behind Indy.

So, why was Green Bay was dominant in the post-season, while the Colts fizzled out?

If you follow our Indianapolis Colts blog, , their reasoning for Indy’s one-and-one playoff exit is poor drafting in the first two rounds and incompetent coaching decisions compounded the injury factor:

Injuries were indeed a major reason why the 2010 season was such a disappoint, but one of the points we Stampede Blue editors and writers will continue to harp on this off-season (much to some people’s annoyance) is that poor drafting and player evaluation is just as much to blame for the 2010 as injuries were.

If [Donald] Brown, [Tony] Ugoh, [Mike] Pollak, and [Jerry] Hughes were not busted picks, and instead were starting caliber players, the Colts likely have one or two more wins in 2010, possibly a playoff win or two. The line is literally that fine between winning and losing, and the reality is the Colts have always been an injured team. Since 2005, they have never been considered ‘healthy.’ This puts added emphasis on younger players developing, since Colts management has avoided veteran free agency as if it were the plague.

Despite roughly the same sort of ‘injury bug,’ the Pack rolled through the NFC playoffs, and seem primed to win their franchise’s fourth Super Bowl. Their first day picks the last few years include major contributors , , and .

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