Report: Freeney settles studio rent suit


star reached a settlement with his landlord Thursday over claims he skipped 11 months of rent payments for a Hollywood recording studio.

A $400,000 lawsuit was filed last December against the NFL star by landlord Tracey Edmonds, who is the ex-wife of music producer Babyface and also dated Eddie Murphy, TMZ reported.

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The lawsuit stated that Freeney — who owns a record company — agreed to pay $37,500 a month to rent two floors in the Edmonds Tower building, which is owned by Edmonds.

Freeney allegedly paid for the first month’s rent when he signed a one-year lease in July but failed to pay anything since, the entertainment website reported.

Edmonds’ lawyer, Trent Copeland, said they negotiated a six-figure settlement but would not reveal the exact amount.

“A six-figure settlement has resolved the dispute. Tracy feels completely vindicated. Money has been paid.”

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