Peyton Manning remains on Indianapolis Colts active list

Maybe the Indianapolis Colts have inside information that leads them to believe before the end of the season.
Jim Caldwell and the Colts are holding out hope that Peyton Manning might be able to return in 2011.
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Maybe they’re holding out hope Manning’s regenerative abilities mirror his quarterbacking abilities. Or maybe they just can’t bear the thought of leading their offense.

Whatever the case may be, the Colts are leaving Manning on their active list — for now.

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Here’s vice chairman Bill Polian’s explanation in the first installment of “:

“We saved the spot for Bob Sanders last year all the way up to week 12, maybe even beyond that because the prognosis, which is just that — it’s a guesstimate the doctors give you, it’s not cast in concrete — was that Bob had a chance to make it back by the end of the season. That did not occur.  What I’ve said to Peyton and what we’ve said publicly is that we will leave him on the active roster as long as the doctors tell us there’s a chance for him to come back…” 

“Now, that being said, it bears very, very strong emphasis that he will not be allowed back on the field until the doctors are satisfied that he’s 100 percent and ready to go, regardless of what occurs with the season or doesn’t occur with the season.  His long-term health is what the most important thing is here. It’s been that way from Day One.  We constantly said to him, ‘If you’re not ready to go, you’re not going to be allowed to go out there.’ I’m sure as soon as he starts to feel better, he’ll be the same here. That’s what makes him such a unique individual. The bottom-line is, when the doctors say he is ready to go, he will be allowed to resume activity. We’ll cross the bridge regarding the active roster spot at that time when the doctors give us a definite feeling of when and if he will be back this season.”

On Sept. 8, — his second neck surgery since last season ended and third in the last 19 months. Manning also went under the knife on May 23 to repair a bulging disk and nerve problem that continued to bother him through training camp.

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