NFL Draft 2011: Indianapolis Colts Help Protect Peyton Manning with Draft Pick


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Indianapolis Colts Help Protect Peyton Manning with Draft Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

The Indianapolis Colts will be locking up their star quarterback to a long term deal once the CBA is signed and protecting their asset should be the team’s top priority.

The defense may have some problems, but there will be solid players on the defensive side of the ball later in the draft and there is also the free agency period.

While some experts say the Colts should go with a receiver in the first round, but that would be silly. Peyton Manning can make even the most mediocre receiver look great and a later round pick of a receiver would suffice.


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During last season Colts Vice President Bill Polian commented on making the wrong pick in the previous draft, but he claims his words were taken out of context.

Colts VP Bill Polian told ESPN’s :

What I said was, if I’d know we were going to suffer all the injuries we had on the offensive line, we might have looked at things differently in terms of the draft. Because when you are drafting as low as we were, there isn’t a lot of difference between the players. I said, ‘You know, you could make the argument that we should have taken Rodger Saffold instead of the player that we took.’ That’s what I said. It’s been construed very differently. What I meant was, if foresight were 20-20, we probably would have taken an offensive tackle. But it isn’t and that’s the point. This is an inexact business.

While their offense was very potent last season, the Colts have to look into protecting their star quarterback.

If Peyton Manning goes down injured, the Colts are a 4-12 team, in my opinion. A solid offensive line pick would help avoid that issue.

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