Indianapolis Colts Vs. Carolina Panthers: Fan’s Preview

The will look to get their first win of the season after opening the season with 10 straight losses. As a fan of the team, I’m more used to this being the point in the season where undefeated records and playoff preparations are being discussed. Now all you hear about is the 2012 draft and prospect Andrew Luck. For the 53 players on the team, the most important thing remaining is to find some way to win a single game in their final six games of the season.

No team wants to be remembered and go down in history for going 0-16. Jim Caldwell’s Indianapolis Colts have a very good chance to accomplish the embarrassing feat. If the team needed any extra incentive this week, is being at Lucas Oil Stadium. Harrison is a former teammate and friend of several of the veterans on the team. Hopefully this can elevate the game of , , and others to lead the team to their first win.

Coach Jim Caldwell announced that would coming off of the bye week. It was suspected that the team may look to make another change and try out backup at quarterback. Painter has played very bad lately and was in the November 13 loss to the . The decision to start Painter makes fans really wonder if the team is trying to lose and aim for Andrew Luck.

Carolina’s defense is one that even Indianapolis and Curtis Painter should be able to move the ball on. and the and thrashed the Panther defense in their last game. Even Curtis Painter should be able to move the ball and score points in this game.

The biggest challenge will be slowing down and . The Indianapolis defense has continually given up big plays this season and the Panther offense has thrived on big plays. If Indianapolis can play strong defensively and limit the Panther offense, then they should be in great position to win the game.

The Indianapolis coaching staff has had two weeks to prepare for this game and lead the team to their first win. I think this is finally the week the Colts will win a game. If they can pull it out, it may come down to a late field goal by kicker .

Prediction: Colts 23, Panthers 21

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.

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