Indianapolis Colts Sign Nose Tackle Brandon McKinney: Fan's Reaction

The Indianapolis Colts finally have their nose tackle for their new 3-4 defense. Well, they at least have someone on the roster who can play nose tackle now. After being very active through the first two weeks of free agency, things slowed down in Indianapolis and the team was left without a big body to many the middle of the defense. On April 5 the team helped solve that problem by signing free agent defensive tackle Brandon McKinney.

As a fan of the team, McKinney is the kind of player I have been begging for for years. McKinney stands six-foot-two inches tall and weighs 345 pounds. It’s no secret that the Indianapolis defense has long struggled against the run. Anthony “Booger” McFarland is the last defensive tackle I remember that did a decent job defending against the run. Shortly after coach Pagano was hired, I remember looking at the list of free agent defensive players from Baltimore and noticing McKinnney’s name. A 3-4 defense is not complete without a big body in the middle that can occury defenders and create space for others to work. At this time, McKinney appears to be the best option the team has at that position.

The addition of McKinney isn’t something fans should get too exited over. He’s never been a great player and never seen consistent playing time at either San Diego or Baltimore. He has played behind some very talented players though and hopefully learned a lot from them. Fans can only hope that McKinney soaked in a lot playing in Baltimore and watching Haloti Ngata and Terrance Cody every day. Maybe this will be a chance for McKinney to finally prove his worth and have a breakout season.

Like the rest of the offseason signings, fans have to like the new general manager Ryan Grigson isn’t afraid to take chances on players in the free agent pool. McKinney is another low risk signing that could pay off for the team. If he doesn’t, the team can go with a younger alternative in his place. If he does, it’s another signing that could go a long way toward helping Pagano build a monster on defense in Indianapolis.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. He also runs the blog that covers the team. Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.


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