Indianapolis Colts Schedule 2011: Will the Colts Dominate the AFC South?


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Indianapolis Colts Schedule 2011 Is Released Today, But Will the Colts Continue to Dominate the Field?

There is no doubt about who the class of the AFC South is.

That team is the Indianapolis Colts.

Since its inception, only one team has won the division and that was Tennessee, who won it twice. Other than that, Peyton Manning and the Colts have been the class of the AFC South.

Last year, Manning managed to play behind an injured and shoddy offensive line and a team that lost targets for him by the week, not to mention a running game that was almost non-existent for most of the season.

The lesson is, when Manning is under center, you will always be a contender.

Indianapolis Colts Schedule

Home: Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Carolina, Kansas City

Away: Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, New England

Despite having a road schedule featuring some pretty tough road matchups at Baltimore, New Orleans and New England, the Colts also get home matchups against Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Kansas City, balancing it out.

The Colts will protect Manning in the draft and always find a way to fill gaps on the roster with players we never heard of that somehow thrive in their system.



Manning will have a big, new contract and he’s going to continue to dominate this division en route to another AFC South crown.

Prediction: 11-5

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