Indianapolis Colts Hire Ryan Grigson as GM: Fan's Reaction

The have concluded their search and . Ryan Grigson, formerly the director of player personnel will now take over in Indianapolis. Grigson is 39 years old and has been around the league for a long time.

Grigson brings fresh ideas to the organization who is in dire need of it. The firing of Bill and Chris Polian came as a surprise to many but was a needed change. The organization is going in a different direction and needed new leadership to take them there. Grigson has held many scouting roles, been a director of college scouting for NFL teams and most recently, director of player personnel. Grigson has also been with two successful franchises in the Philadelphia Eagles and the during their Super Bowl runs.

An Interesting take that fans should consider is that Grigson was with the Eagles when they chose to make a major splash in free agency last offseason. This approach is vastly different than what Indianapolis has previously done but may be something to look out for in the future. The free agent signings were also not the reason for a subpar season in Philadelphia. They had coaching issues, injuries to their quarterback, and a star wide receiver who seemed not to care at times. The strategy could be an intriguing change in Indianapolis if Grigson chooses to apply it.

The next biggest question is the fate of current head coach Jim Caldwell. Jim Irsay said all along that Caldwell was not safe longterm but was in the moment. This clearly meant that he wanted to allow his new choice in the front office to be able to assist in the decision. Most often, a general manager new to a team will want to replace a coach and bring in someone they are comfortable with to lead their new team. Since Grigson will be responsible for the future of the franchise, I see no reason why this wouldn’t be the case. Myself and many fans believe Caldwell has done nothing to retain his job and I can only hope that Grigson feels the same way.

Only time will tell if Irsay made a good hire. It’s nice that Irsay found his man quickly so that the team can move forward with their plans for the future. Grigson has an extremely important draft coming up that will go a long way toward determining the future of the franchise. As a fan, I can only hope that Irsay made the right choice and chose the man to bring the Indianapolis Colts back to prominence.

Kyle Rapoza is a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and has been a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts. He attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami and follows the team closely. Follow him on Twitter @kyler11.

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