Former Indianapolis Colts Assistant Says Colts Knew They Were Too Dependent on Peyton Manning: Fan's Take

At this point, to say the struggled without “didn’t have the best century.” It’s a severe understatement. It’s also an understatement that just about every person in the country is aware of. So when former Colts offensive line coach, Pete Metzelaars, came out and commented that the Colts were totally dependent on Manning, it left many of us with a “well, duh” response. It was if the 2-14 train wreck wasn’t reminder enough.

However, Metzelaars’ comments did bring to light why the Colts never did put Manning on Injured Reserve —they thought he might come back. Due to this hope, they were reluctant to change how the offense was being run. After all, “Peyton might come back and we don’t want to muck up the offense for when comes back,” said my hypothetical Colts staff member.

While a smart method to prolonged success is to build a well-rounded team, there are plenty of circumstances when a single player should be built around. Essentially, it’s totally alright that a team becomes “too dependent” on a single player in certain instances. Peyton Manning is absolutely one of those circumstances. If the price is the occasional fall-apart season, I think it’s plenty worth it. As tough as this season (and potentially the next couple) was for Colts fans, I bet we would be hard pressed to find a fan that wasn’t willing to accept this disaster season in return for the Super Bowl, division titles, and regular season dominance that has been the Colts routine the last decade or so at the hands of Peyton Manning.

Consequently, the disastrous season was an entirely logical outcome that was just waiting for Manning’s departure to appear —whether by signing elsewhere or injury. The league knew it, the Colts knew it, and the fans knew it. You can’t simply replace players like Peyton Manning. That’s the catch-22 to having a legendary-caliber player. Often, there is a vacuum when they are no longer on the field. There certainly was this year.

While Manning may yet play with the Colts again, this last season showed just how important he is.

Brian is a lifelong football fan, specifically of the . He has lived in Illinois his entire life and consequently follows the Indianapolis Colts closely.


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