Five Best Moments in Indianapolis Colts History

I have been an fan for as long as I can remember. Since I am also a Tennessee Volunteers football fan, I was ecstatic when joined the Colts . My favorite moments from Colts history include their first Super Bowl win and their move from Baltimore to Indianapolis.

December 28, 1958 – The 1958 NFL Championship Game

Played in New York City at Yankee Stadium, this is the first time an NFL playoff game went into sudden death overtime. The game, generally referred to as “” ended regulation play in a 17-17 tie when Myhra kicked a field goal for the Colts with only seven seconds remaining. The Colts carried the momentum into sudden death toppling the 23 -17 to claim the championship.

January 17, 1971 – Super Bowl V

The Colts and the were tied at 13-13 in Miami after a series of on both sides of the field. Two interceptions late in the game by the Colts set up the win—the first interception resulted in a touchdown. The second interception set up a 32-yard field goal for the Colts to win Super Bowl V in the last five seconds of regulation play.

March 28, 1984 – The Colts move from Baltimore to Indianapolis

In the late night hours of March 28, 1984, Mayflower trucks were loaded with records and equipment and the Colts began their move from Baltimore to Indianapolis. The dramatic move was in part because legislators had agreed to use state eminent domain laws to force the team to remain in Maryland. This began a two-year battle between the team and Baltimore that included bills being filed in the U. S. House and Senate to block the move. The controversy reached the United States Supreme Court before the parties finally came to an agreement in early 1986 that ceased Maryland’s efforts to move the team back to Baltimore.

October 31, 1988 – Monday Night Football

The Colts appeared in their first Monday Night Football game on Halloween 1988. Played at home in Indianapolis, Colts fans were give a treat as fans were handed not only a fright but also a serious defeat. The Colts beat the Broncos 55-23 giving all football fans a thrilling surprise for Halloween.

January 21, 2007 – AFC Championship Game

The Colts hosted their first facing their nemesis, New England, in the highest rated television Championship Game since 1997. The Colts were down 21-3 late in the second quarter but rallied and won the game 38-34. A last-minute interception by sealed the win for the Colts. The Championship win set up the Colts for their domination over the to win the with a final score of 29-17.

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