Colts’ Fan Fest: Fan friendly

The Indianapolis Colts’ stopped in Logansport on Thursday to hold the team’s annual Fan Fest here at Riverside Park.

Colts fans enjoyed meeting Colts alumni players Tarik Glenn and Joe Staysniak, and four Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders, two of whom are from Peru.

The person in charge of the event also had some local flavor. Caston grad Kyle Sommers is a marketing assistant for the Colts, and he had a hand in putting Logansport on the schedule.

“I went to Caston, so I wanted to get a shot close to home,” Sommers said. “It’s great to come back to my local community, and kind of give back, and hopefully, the fans come out here [Thursday], and enjoy this nice weather, and get some autographs, and win some free tickets.”

At the Fan Fest, fans were welcomed to visit Colts in Motion, the team’s traveling museum. They were also able to register to win tickets, join the fan club, and pick up free giveaways. Also fans were able to rock climb, catch an National Football League punt and play in the Colts’ interactive inflatables. In addition, Jessie Brown provided musical entertainment at the event.

“We love to get out in the community,” Sommers added. “We had a very positive fan reaction this summer. We are about in the middle of our tour. We started June first, and I believe this is our 11th stop out of 24. We will hit another 12 to 13 more cities all the way up to July 22. We go all the way from Louisville to Evansville to Michigan City.”

One of those fans enjoying the Fan Fest was Jeremiah Milburn, who is a huge Colts fan, wearing his Blue and White jersey with No. 98 printed on it.

“I bought my nephews down so they can enjoy it,” Milburn said. “The kids wanted to go through the rides and stuff first. So, we went to all the rides. The bounce house, slide, rock climbing and all that. We were going to get drinks, and then wait in line.”

Hundreds of fans waited in line to get the autographs. The two cheerleaders from Miami County, Megan O., and Alex A., are both students according to the profiles on

“This is absolutely amazing,” Megan O. said. “I love interacting with fans. They are the best. These are always so amazing. The players come out, and there is a ton of music. It’s just some really good energy.

“This is a pretty good turnout, one of the better ones that I have seen. The line is pretty long. We have really good weather, and there is a baseball diamond right across from us, so there is a lot of people out there.”

Being so close to home, Megan had fans arriving just to see her.

“I called my grandma, so I think she is coming out [Thursday] to get in line to get my autograph,” Megan O. added. “Cheerleaders are always working no matter what. We are going around doing appearances. We are dancing, meeting fans and we are getting prepared for the season. We are rehearsing dances, and being focused on fitness.”

After the cheerleaders, fans got to meet Glenn, who played for the Colts from 1997 to 2006, and Staysniak, who played for the Colts from 1991 to 1996.

Staysniak was very pleased to see all the Colts fans come out.

“It’s been unbelievable everywhere we went,” Staysniak said. “It doesn’t matter what the weather is, good, hot, cold, it doesn’t matter. Fans come out and they have a great time, and they love to celebrate a great team. So, its fun on our behalf. Tarik and I are out here [Thursday], but whoever comes out player-wise to sign, it’s nice to be a representative of a great organization.”

Staysniak is just like the fans, waiting to see another football season start back up.

“I know, we are getting close to the season,” Staysniak commented. “I know everybody is getting excited about the football coming to town. We are working to get the collective bargaining agreement done so Colts fans can do what they do best, and that is to cheer on a winner.



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