2011 NFL Mock Draft: Indianapolis Colts Select OT Anthony Castonzo

The are drafting 22nd in SB Nation’s  and there are a number of positions they can look at.  is repping the Colts and their pick will be Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo. Whenever you go for the size up front on the offensive line it’s a good pick, I think.

The Colts are a team that revolves around QB so it makes plenty of sense that they draft to protect him. :

If the primary focus of the Colts during the 2011offseason is re-signing Manning, then it makes absolutely no sense for Peyton to sign his name on that dotted line if the Colts are not going to surround him with players who can protect him. Peyton is 35 years old, and while he is still considered by many to be ‘the best,’ the reality is not even ‘the best’ can help their team win if the offensive line can’t block in front of them.

Yep, that explains it pretty well. Without Manning, this team isn’t much. So the priority should be keeping Manning healthy, which he has been able to do in his career to this point.

For the full explanation of the pick, check out 

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