2011 NFL Draft: Are the Indianapolis Colts and Anthony Castonzo a Match?


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Is Anthony Castonzo a shoe in for the Indianapolis Colts Draft Pick?

It’s been 13 years since Indianapolis selected an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft, and Tarik Glenn has long since retired.

With several solid o-line prospects figuring to go in the middle to late first round (Solder, Smith, Castonzo, Sherrod), there figures to be enough to go around for many of the tackle-needy teams that occupy that area of the draft.

Should they opt to take them.

Peyton Manning, who will be 35 by draft day (amazing), is playing through a transition period, in that there is a wide assortment of the offense is need of overhauling. The running backs under-perform, the aforementioned offensive-line is in shambles…but how about this one:

What does Manning do if the number one receiver spot is similarly vacant? That’s a reality Peyton’s never dealt with.

When Marvin Harrison retired, Reggie Wayne was able to step seamlessly into his shoes. Fact is, they’d been preparing that transition ever since Reggie walked in the door. But this time around, who replaces Reggie Wayne?

From :

“With a contract set to expire after the 2011 season, we hear that All-Pro WR Reggie Wayne could be playing his final season in a Colts uniform. Wayne, 32, is coming off a terrific ’10 campaign, but he has been adamant about wanting a long-term deal – not something the Colts generally do with players in their 30’s. Don’t rule out the possibility of the Colts drafting a wide receiver in April, with Wayne serving as a mentor next season.”

Wayne was drafted with the 30th pick of the first round.

In a year when they need so much else, could the Colts afford to pick his replacement eight picks earlier?

(Check out prognosticator extraordinaire Matt Miller’s . It’s very good.)

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