2009 NFL Draft two years out: Indianapolis Colts

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In the two years since the 2009 NFL draft I have gone back and forth on the Indianapolis Colts class a heck of a lot. In the beginning I gave them high marks, a year out it looked like an underperforming class. Now we sit two years out and it looks like the Colts landed one starter, a punter, and several key backups in this class. That may not be great, but it is certainly pretty good.

Here is a quick look at the 2009 Colts draft class:

•Round One (27)- Donald Brown RB
•Round Two (56)- Fili Moala DT
•Round Three (92)- Jerraud Powers DB
•Round Four (127)- Austin Collie WR
•Round Four (136)- Terrance Taylor DT
•Round Six (201)- Curtis Painter QB
•Round Seven (222)- Pat McAfee P
•Round Seven (236)- Jaimie Thomas T

So Donald Brown is a pretty effective backup running back, and his touches went way up in 2010. He is not a flashy guy, but he gets his team the tough yards and there is a lot to be said for that. Fili Moala is a decent back up DT, and Jerraud Powers might not have made it as a DB, but is this team’s  punt returner.

Sure Austin Collie missed a good part of the 2010 season with a concussion, but he but up the same numbers in 9 games in 2010 as he did in 16 in 2009. That seems to indicate he is becoming a key component of the Colts offense. Painter is now the backup QB, and Pat McAfee has been an adequate punter. So was this class a home run? No, clearly not but it was not all that bad either.

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